Our Group provides Project Design Evaluation services upon acceptance of a client's project. A detailed development due diligence review will be conducted on the project which includes land matters and council by-laws, types of title and category of land use, zoning, density per acre, plot ratio, caveats, the registered owners, building plans and any special conditions attached to the land/title. After completion of the detailed development due diligence review, our Group through its team and panel of architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and relevant experts will then work to enhance the conceptual design of the project and compare with the client's existing design. From the comparison analysis, our Group will then coordinate with the client's professional consultants to provide a proposal to the client which will effectively maximise the net saleable area in accordance to the rules and regulation of the local authorities and increased the client's project GDV.

Once the client accepts the Project Design Evaluation proposal, our Group will make an extra effort to coordinate with the clients' professional consultants to prepare the detailed building plans for the re-submission to the local Government authorities.