Project Value Engineering here refers to an organised/systematic approach to increase client's project value by either improving the work function(s) or reducing the cost while maintaining the quality of work. To achieve this, our Group will coordinate with the client's professional consultants to provide a comprehensive value engineering analysis and a detail value engineering proposal which would include solutions to reduce operation and maintenance costs, simplify procedures, improve project completion schedules, reduce wastage of space or materials, increase procurement efficiency, utilise resources more effectively and develop innovative solutions.

Our Group's Project Value Engineering services adopt the following methodology:

  • Functional Analysis
    All project works are translated into functions. The functions are then analysed into its purpose and necessity. From the analysis of functions, alternative ways are formulated to accomplish and to improve the functions.

  • Cost Model Approach
    A project cost model will be prepared from the project cost estimates provided by the client. The project cost model is then categorised into major construction elements such as earthwork, piling works, reinforced concrete works, aluminium works, plumbing & sanitary work, electrical work, lift installation and etc. Thereafter significant costs in each category is identified by comparing the cost item with the total project cost and are further analysed to formulate various alternatives to achieve cost reduction.

  • Work Methodology Study
    A study will be conducted on each stage of the construction work to determine its flow, requirement, complexity and safety. From the study a systematic approach/proven techniques will be formulated to simplify, improve and increase the efficiency of the respective workflow at each stage of the construction work.

By engaging our Group's Project Value Engineering services, clients will benefit from:

  • a reduction in total construction cost;
  • simplification of operations and procedures;
  • improvement on project completion schedules;
  • cost savings through reduction in space or materials wastage; and
  • maximisation and effective utilisation of resources.

Subsequent to the client's acceptance of the Project Value Engineering proposal, our Group will then incorporate these proposals into the Project Construction Management plan.