Our Group, through IPCSB and IPBPOSB, offers value-added project management services from design evaluation to the completion of the construction phase.

Our broad range of value-added project management services can be grouped into three (3) major service categories as follows:

  • Project Design Evaluation;
  • Project Value Engineering; and,
  • Project Construction Management.

Our Group's clientele include property developers, property/land owners and construction companies related to property development.

By engaging our Group, clients will have access to our Group's Project Design Evaluation services which is provided by our Group's team and panel of experienced professionals namely architects, civil and structural engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers and quantity surveyors. Due to the Project Evaluation Design teams' exposures to various types of development projects, clients are often assured of an increase in their net saleable area of their project which translates into higher GDV for their project.

After the completion of the Project Evaluation Design, our Group will add further value to its clients by providing Project Value Engineering services before proceeding with Project Construction Management services. By engaging our Group's Project Value Engineering services, our Group is able to further reduce the project's overall construction costs and implementation time. Once the Project Value Engineering proposal is accepted by the client, our Group's Project Construction Management services will ensure that the project's objectives and implementation will be smooth and timely. Our Group's senior management has an average of 17 years' experience and have been exposed to many projects and as such, place them in a position to offer and share their invaluable advice and experience.